Mazzarello Media And Arts: New Site

by Aaron 09/17/10

We are proud to announce the launch of Mazzarello Media & Arts.  The site design and concept was done by Bryan and Stephanie (the husband and Wife team that is Mazzarello Media & Arts) is implemented using WebEngine, our awesome CMS tool.

We really took the site to the next level by fully utilizing the integrated Blog and List Engine tools.  Notice that the home page includes featured projects that pull in directly from their portfolio listings and their three most current blog post are displayed as well.  I really think this is one of the best creative professional websites I've seen, please visit and let me know what you think.

Cool Technical Features (for people who make websites)

  • CMS driven website  (very easy to edit and make changes to the website
  • List Engine tool used for portfolio section of websit
  • Dynamic home page pulls in a featured project and blog entries (no need for Bryan or Stephanie to repackage thier content).
  • Image cropping and resizing tool used to maintain consistent image sizes and quality for portfolio images
  • Random style selection on home page (try it by refreshing the home page)
  • Each section of the site: Look, Learn, Collaborate, Connect; uses a seperate style
  • Dynamic navigation menu uses the WebEngine site mapping tool
  • Friendly urls (not
  • Cross Fade slide show on detail sections of the site like here:
  • Next/Previous navigation for portfolio (look at the bottom right: ready for more):
  • Blog Feed:
  • Portfolio Feed: http://mazzarello.local/feeds.aspx?cat=21
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