What Makes Tap Consulting Unique

by Aaron 12/31/10

There are thousands of companies that "do websites."  At Tap Consulting we provide you with more. Below are the concepts that differentiate us from the rest.

  1. Support:: A single point of contact for all your needs:  DNS, Domain registration, SSL certificates, Custom Programming, hosting, backups, etc.  If something is not working, we figure it out instead of pointing fingers at a different service provider.
  2. Organization::  Your entire site is stored subversion repository.  In addition, your site's content database is backed up on a daily basis.  We track the progress of your site's implementation in Basecamp.  This allows us to meet our deadlines and implement what you ask for.
  3. Flexibility:: We know that goals change and ideas progress.  Thus, we follow an agile methodology when implementing your solution. This means that once we start working on your project, you should see daily updates and various revisions.  This enables us to correct course and deliver the best possible result.
  4. Technology:: We use our own proprietary platform, WebEngine, to implement your website.  WebEngine includes: CMS, blogging, listings, site-mapping, and a variety of other built in features.  We can do custom web development without having to re-invent the wheel for each project.  We decided early on that the best way for us to support our clients was to intimately know the technology we use.  Since we built it, we know it. 

    We also like to use established services from other hosted technology providers i.e. (Google, Flickr, Mailchimp, etc); we can link your website into their API and offer the best of both worlds.
  5. Guidance:: We don't assume our approach/technology is the best fit for every project.  If you just need basic capabilities, what we offer may be overkill. We can guide you to a number of commodity service providers that do an excellent job providing the hosting and tools to publish a website on your own (i.e. wordpress, squarespace).
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